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pipinmain2As an underwater sea hunter in his early youth days, his exceptional ability to spearfish his preys in the greatest depths that were before considered beyond human reach began to earning him recognition as the “King of the Deep”.

Later on, when he erupted as an unprecedent athletic phenomenon in the diving world’s spotlight more than 25 years ago and after having broken in excess of 25 World Records, Pipin has accumulated a pedigree of more than a hundred dives beyond 100 meters ( 329 ft ).

A true master of the Art of Apnea in all of its forms, he is considered to be a diving “wonder” in his own class.

Pipin has also helped in the understanding of the human body behaviour while in immersion. He has been the subject of many scientific and biological research studies to better comprehend the natural astonishing, physical and mental conditions for his extraordinary diving abilities. These researches have given humankind an unprecedented insight in to the amazing aquatic potential of the human being.

In his personal quest, Pipin like no one else, has persistently gathered the knowledge, experience and expertise to conceive and perfect the tools of his trade, which of course includes spearfishing and diving equipment. As a natural born underwater sea hunter person he’s particularly proud of his spearfishing line of guns and refined series of related equipment that ensure the best possible individual performance for the enthusiasts of his unique and thrilling sport.

In his unique condition of being the World’s best ” test diver ” in existence, Pipin has persistently contributed to the advancement in diving technology suggesting improvements and refinements to the various research departments of several diving manufacturing firms he has collaborated with. It is a fact that due to his contractual obligations and restrictions from his sponsors, he had never completely satisfied his quest for a better, more efficient, state of the art and, most of all, accessible line of sophisticated, modern diving gear. As a world-class champion free diver and expert underwater sea hunter, he will never compromise his personal trademark conceived by his uncanny persistence and discipline. This is how his latest accomplishment came to be.

Pipin Ferreras is proud to introduce “PERSISTENT”. A top of the line quality of diving gear and accessories. The most modern designs, first class materials and components, no compromise or any other consideration whatsoever but to bring the very best, most effective and second to none, whole new class of diving material to the public at never before seen affordable prices.